This is my means of documenting my efforts to remain professionally relevant in the 21st century.

While it would be unwise for me to mislead you by suggesting that I shall here offer serious thought leadership. I will instead:

  • share some details of the things I do to be professional in my approach to work
  • share any fascinating, funny, inspiring, unforgettable, entertaining and non-confidential moments, events, developments and ideas I learn about my industry and others
  • present interviews with practitioners in the sustainability field and any other field

I will try and refrain from making value judgements, or at the very least, I will try and make it obvious where I do so.


About me: I work as a sustainability practitioner and I enjoy telling lame jokes at parties. I hope to convince every person I interact with that saving the world is both within humanity’s collective power, and is an entirely worthwhile, sexy and enjoyable thing to do. Well, either that, or entertain people!


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